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Based on GTD concepts in the book Getting Things Done, by David Allen.

Existing solutions are overly complex and are overly focused on aesthetics rather than on simply getting things done. Also, existing solutions (especially web-based solutions) require too much inefficient movement of hands between keyboard and mouse. sgtd implements keybindings similar to those of vi in order to keep your fingers in touch-typing position at all times. In summary, sgtd is a highly efficient system in which users can organize next actions and focus on simply getting things done.

Technically, it is implemented in the C language using SQLite for database storage and the ncurses library for a simple, clutter free user interface. From a coding point of view, the emphasis is on minimizing the lines of code and providing simple and efficient functions.

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Version 0.4.0 did not make it out the door last week, as I had expected it would. I was focusing on the more tactile arts such as cooking and visiting with friends and family.

However, I did work through some of the design problems with v0.3.0 and I believe I'm on track to release v0.4.0 around the 1st of the new year. It will definitely include user-defined views, line wrapping, and better memory management. It may also include undo/redo, notes, and organizing projects/contexts in a tree hierarchy.

Happy holidays!


sgtd-0.3.0 was released today. It includes at least rudimentary implementations of most of the remaining major functionality, including:

I have not yet dealt with horizontal scrolling in either views or inserting/editing. Version 0.4.0 is planned for release around 2006-11-21. It will rework the filter and sort action views so that you can create multiple user-defined views that will be remembered between sessions. The views will be defined by the following criteria:


The first public release, an alpha version, of sgtd - Simply Getting Things Done 0.2.0 was released today