Mind your own Beeswax!


    beeswax [-h] [-v] [-f filename]

      -f, --file=FILE  to specify a beeswax document to open
      -h, --help       display this help and exit
      -v, --version    output version information and exit

command key bindings

basic actions:

    i          - insert new item
    e          - edit current item
    D          - delete current item

    n          - view/edit note of current item

    K          - move item up within category (see also attach/detach)
    J          - move item down within category (see also attach/detach)

    ^P         - print current view

    ?          - help screen
    ^L         - redraw screen
    w          - write (save) document
    q          - quit


    These commands may be prefaced with a number multiplier

    k, <UP>    - navigate up
    j, <DOWN>  - navigate down
    ^F, <PGDN> - scroll forward one page
    ^B, <PGUP> - scroll backward one page


    d          - detach current item from current category, but do not delete

    a          - display category attachment list for current item
    <SPACE>    - toggle category attachments for current item
    <ENTER>, q - return from attachment category list

category actions:

    h          - promote an item in the tree hierarchy
    l          - demote an item in the tree hierarchy 

advanced navigation:

    /          - find regular expression in list (case insensitive)

    g, <HOME>  - select first line in list
    G, <END>   - select last line in list

    H          - select first line on screen
    M          - select middle line on screen
    L          - select last line on screen

    z., zz     - redraw screen with current item in middle
    z<ENTER>   - redraw screen with current item at top
    z-         - redraw screen with current item at bottom